Sue's Fishing Log.......a week at Gone Fishin in the Lot et Garonne, South West France.
Arrival at 6pm May 7th 2011 at Gone Fishin the start of our holiday, had a snack and wandered to the lake just seconds away!
Fishing 7pm - 9pm
3 Fish.......2 crucians 3-4lb and 1 carp 5lb
2 rigs smashed on pole & 3 fish lost.
5 fish lost in all. Tomorrow carp rod.
Sunday 8th May Session....1.
7.45am Fishing.
Started with light float, 3 weights - 3 fish.
2 crucians 2-3lb
1 carp 5lb
Needed to go further out, new float 1 big weight.
6 fish.........
 4 crucians 2-5lb
1 carp 4lb
1 carp 8-9lb
Fed swim finished fishing 11am. Light winds from East.
Start 6.00pm
Very hot & sunny. No bites till 8.45
Then 15lb carp, followed by 8lb carp.
Packed up 9.30pm.
Monday May 9th  Session.... 1
Started 7am - 9am
6 fish 
4 crucian 2-5lb
2 carp - 9lb and 7lb.
Went indoors had a brew! (Gite only seconds away from the lake).
9.30 - 10.30...... 10 fish
9 crucians 2-4lb
1 carp 5lb
All on coctails (crab & corn).
10.30 packed up.
Session.... 2.
Very hot today 30+ deg.
7.45pm began.
6 bombs to tree near bank, not a bite, humph! Finished 9.30.
Tuesday May 10th  ....Session1.
Started 7.45 overcast & a bit windy but warm.
5 fish.
4 crucian 2-4lb
1 carp 6lb
Finished 9.30
10.15 began again slow start but 10 crucians 2-5lb.
Finished 12.30
Lunch.......omlette with hens eggs (the girl's) from the gite!
Session....2 fed swim with bombs very hot.
fished 6pm to 9.30
1 carp 6lb
Missed 3 bites.
Wednesday May11th .... Session 1. 
Early up fed swim with corn only.
Stalked big carp for over 1 hr no joy, breeding time?
3 crucians 2-4 lb
1 carp 7lb 
Finished 9.30am
Session.... 2 
Fished margins left hand side of boat 2 rod lengths out and waited for fizz; fish on,,,,, 9.35pm  last bite big carp weighed 19.5 lb including net, now very dark;
Thursday May 12th....Session1.
Got up too early, thunder and lightening through the night & heavy rain.
Finally got out 9.00 - windy & rain decided to fish where the scarecrow & seat are.
Best for casting 10 metres only just off shelf.
10.15 and started with...........
10 crucians
2 carp, 
1 16lb and other 15-17lb.
Changed to 12 hook as missing too many bites, single grain of corn and got BIG carp straight away
- 2 fish after, finished 12.30.
Session.... 2.
Started 7.30 finished 9.30. Fished around by the scarecrow.
4 fish........2 carp one a 12lb.
3 crucians
1 black bass
*Went to fizz swim by the boat, 1 mtre out missed one carp big but now too dark.
Friday 7.00 am start by the scarecrow tree 2m outsingle carp on 12 hook.
Fed with pellets
3 fish......... 1 crucian 3lb
2 carp 6lb and a 15lb.
Finished at 9am.

Totals for week -19 CARP  51 CRUCIANS AND A BLACK BASS all at Gone Fishin Aiguillon in The Lot et Garonne .

31 hours spent fishing  ; Good fishing,all fish in good condition and fighters; overall very enjoyable beautiful lake plenty of good swims not too hard to catch and gite seconds away for a cuppa between bites;

I  would add at end that best bait for me was single corn fished over loose fed corn and  small trout pellets on size 12 barbless carp hook; 
Scarecrow swim and left hand side of boat swim both good did not try anywhere else but there will be other places as good or better.
Note - on Friday bites slow so had a walk round and noticed a very large shoal of carp in the margins to the left of scarecrow swim 6 trees along; suspect that they feel safe there as v difficult to cast and land them; you would need to go another 10 meters to get to the bank and cast back to them 
Tight lines everyone.

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Fishing Log with Sue at Gone fishin holiday for 2 in South West France